What Are the B2B Marketing Trends for 2022?

Most B2B organizations dedicate only 5% of their overall company budget to marketing. As more marketing trends emerge in 2022, your business will need to know what they are.

You also need to understand these trends before making them a part of your current marketing strategy.

Below we’ve created a marketing guide to fill you in on what’s to come this year and how it will change the marketing landscape for the better.

What Might Happen in 2022?

Several things might happen in 2022 that you’re going to want to know about. The first is more use of CRM platforms.

The customer experience is becoming more important. This is because consumers are focused on how your business treats them leading up to them making a purchase.

40% of the data your company collects this marketing quarter will directly correlate to the customer experience.

Another trend that will emerge is creating customer-centered marketing plans. These marketing plans will dive deeper into collecting customer information to customize their experience.

We’ll detail more on that topic later on.

The trend of personalization isn’t just for your customers; it’s also for your brand. You need to have a unique voice that helps you maintain your competitive advantage over others in your industry.

How Is the Digital Marketing Landscape Changing?

As we’ve stated before, with the emergence of several trends, the way we view marketing is changing forever. It’s essential to stay on top of these changes; otherwise, you’ll be overtaken by companies that are implementing them. 

If you’re unsure how to use the digital marketing space to your advantage, we recommend outsourcing this part of your business. Don’t forget to review the pricing in-depth and gain a deeper understanding of the features offered to you.

Personalization and Customization

There’s something about receiving an email with your name on it that makes you feel seen by the company you’re purchasing from. Personalization is a trend that has gained popularity recently because it’s a part of the customer experience, which we mentioned earlier is vital to people.

You can use several emerging customization tools to help you achieve optimal personalization.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Artificial intelligence is on the rise because of its benefits to businesses. For example, when your business is closed, who will be there to answer the questions potential customers have?

When using AI, you can employ a chatbot available around the clock for customers to use. The chatbot will offer answers to people’s immediate questions instead of forcing them to wait for your business to open the next day.

The future of digital marketing trends is expanding, and we’re here to keep you updated. Whether you’re looking for ways to personalize your content or want to use artificial intelligence, you’re on the right track.

Does the idea of digital marketing stop you in your tracks? Stop what you’re doing and contact us; while you’re waiting to move forward, check out some of the things our former clients have said about the work we do.

How to Create a Strong Brand Positioning for B2B SaaS Companies

How do you see your B2B technology business’ rise to growth? As we all know, no company can take their business to next level by chance. It doesn’t happen overnight.

To stand out in the crowd, you need to clearly state who you serve and what makes you different. Why your potential customers should choose you? You should answer a part of this question with every social media post you publish, every e-mail you send to your customers and even when you type to words during your SEO optimization. And before you do all this, you need to build a strong marketing strategy out from unique and powerful brand positioning.

Why do B2B Companies Need Brand Positioning?

Great brand positioning is the foundation of branding. At the most basic level, you can use positioning to ensure your customers understand what your company stands for. It helps you to break through the clutter and find your identity in a crowded marketplace. It’s a shortcut, a fast-track to the customer’s mind. It creates the right connection between you and your customer.

But it is never enough for a brand to just be different. Everybody says that what they do is super unique. Your brand positioning should be created in a way that you can show people the value. You need to paint a picture in their minds that helps people understand why your business should matter to them and why they should choose you.

It’s very important to get this right. Yet it’s surprising how many B2B SaaS and IT companies don’t usually pay much of an attention to their brand positioning even though they truly need it. When people think about your solutions, what do they think about? Are they considering the benefits that come with using them, or is it too complicated?

Many times, B2B technology solutions are too complex to explain. It is very challenging to cut through clutter. A strong brand positioning helps you get noticed and becomes your loyal customers’ ‘shorthand’ for navigating a complicated – and risky – purchase decision.

When done right, you can use the power of your content marketing, e-mail marketing and performance marketing to grow your business.

Download our latest brand positioning template that Lucdigi marketing experts have created for your B2B technology business and successfully start building the image in the minds of the customers. Start creating a clear understanding of how your offering that meets your future customers needs today.

Brand Positioning Template for B2B Tech Companies

  1. What is your unique selling point? – 1 sentence (What makes you differentiate from your competitors?)
  2. What is your value proposition? – 2 sentence (What value do you provide to your customers?)
  3. What kind of a hero image would tell your business on your landing page? (Choose an image that explains what you do, what you bring, what value you add visually – be specific)
  4. What is your business related value proposition #1 ( A combination of a feature and benefit – what and how?)
  5. What is your business related value proposition #2 ( A combination of a feature and benefit – what and how?)
  6. What is your business related value proposition #3 ( A combination of a feature and benefit – what and how?)
  7. What is the most important value you create in the eyes of your existing customers? (interview them, see what the love most about your products and solutions)
  8. What is the most important success metric #1?
  9. What is the most important success metric #2?
  10. What is the most important success metric #3?
  11. Why should a prospect choose you? Reason #1
  12. Why should a prospect choose you? Reason #2
  13. Why should a prospect choose you? Reason #3
  14. Fill in the blanks.

(Your company name) provides ………. (target audience) with more/better/faster …………… (market category) than any business ………………. (industry). We do this by ………………. (reason to believe #1) ……………….. (reason to believe #2) ………….. (reason to believe #3).

  1. How do you describe your brand?

    • Personable and Friendly or Corporate and Professional
    • High Energy or Careful Thinking, Planning
    • Modern or High-tech or Classical and Traditional
    • Cutting-edge or Established
    • Fun or Serious
    • Accessible to All or Upscale

  2. What pain points do you solve with your solutions? #1
  3. What pain points do you solve with your solutions? #2
  4. What pain points do you solve with your solutions? #3
  5. What emotional benefit do you provide? #1
  6. What emotional benefit do you provide? #2
  7. What functional benefit do you provide? #1
  8. What functional benefit do you provide? #2
  9. What is your “unlike”? (Compared to your primary competitive alternative)
  10. What are the needs of your customers?
  11. What are the desires of your customers? And how do you fit in that picture?

6 Tips for Building Your IT company’s Marketing Strategy for a Post Covid-19 World

Welcome to the Future of B2B Marketing

Covid-19 has forced B2B buyers to shift significantly towards digital solutions. It’s been almost a year since sales teams said goodbye to face-to-face meetings and customer visits, and B2B events have been canceled all around the world. The way we do business has changed completely. As we adapt to these new realities, customer-centric IT companies are tearing up their “business-as-usual” plans and also reimagining their marketing operations.

In this new normal everything is digital – including B2B marketing. More importantly, this shift to digital is likely to become permanent. The world is changed for good. So has B2B marketing.

So how do you navigate the ‘now of business’ to shape your marketing activities in a post-Covid-19 world?

At Lucdigi, we know first-hand the challenges IT companies have been dealing with since the beginning of the pandemic. So, we’ve put together a few tips for you to use in your next marketing strategy to help navigate these times as successfully and efficiently as possible.

Choose Customer-Centricity Over Product-Centricity

We now live in a world that your customers behave differently. The winners of the new normal will be those that understand this and are able to adapt to the changing needs of their customers. Focus on your customers, not on your products.

Engage Your Customers with Empathy

When you become customer-centric, you channel your products and services to meet customer demands. Make sure you listen to them, understand their current pain points and find the best solutions for them in the new normal.

Adjust Your Social Media Communications

We are still in times of crisis. Make sure you keep this in mind while creating your social media strategy. Regardless of the channel you use, be sure to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Only publish and share things that are relevant to your audience.

Optimize Digital Advertising

Before Covid-19, made sense to spend some of your budgets on sponsorship for physical events. In the new normal, not so much. Make the most of your advertising budget by embracing the digital revolution.

Accelerate Your Website

Every paying customer visits your website at some point during their buying journey. So, make it a masterpiece. Your website needs to be visually appealing and answer any questions or objections your customers may have.

Re-Strategize Your E-mail Marketing Plan

This new normal is a good time to continue email marketing campaigns to engage with your digital audience. What matters the most at a time packed full of unknowns is to communicate with empathy. Feel confident reaching to your audience through newsletters and emails and let them know what you’re doing to help.

Need a Little Help?

As Lucdigi team, we understand the challenges your IT company has been going through. We are here to support and provide guidance in navigating your B2B business in the new normal. This is why now more than ever, we’re excited about the value of our services. Shoot us an email, our friendly team of experts are here to help you enhance your marketing strategy and activities.

The Power of Marketing Automation

Automation of any nature is a powerful tool but digital marketing automation software is an opportunity that businesses cannot afford to miss in today’s digitally centric world. Historically, marketing automation was a very expensive element of marketing that few companies could afford to invest in but through advanced technology solutions, it is a feasible option for every business to use.

What is marketing automation?

The most commonly used type of marketing automation is seen on email campaigns, chatbots and content creation tools. The capabilities of marketing automation are limitless, with developments being made all of the time. Automating tasks saves huge amounts of time but it can also help to deliver a more consistent experience across multiple channels.

A quick Google search for marketing automation tools will bring back more results than you could ever have the time to explore but you should spend some time finding out what solutions are most effective in your industry. From leads generated by CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, to creating more personalised communications to customers, marketing automation is one of the best strategies for getting a better return on investment.

Investing in marketing automation also leads to increased productivity, allowing a marketing team to concentrate on other tasks that need doing, or exploring new marketing opportunities whilst the time-consuming jobs are taken care of automatically. The marketing team will have time to be more creative and feel energised and empowered by having some of the more mundane, repetitive tasks taken away from them.


Chatbots are a type of automation tool that can take care of some of the basic questions that a potential customer want to ask before they purchase a product or hire your service. A chatbot is basically able to simulate a human conversation, based on a computer program. As AI and machine learning is becoming more sophisticated, so too is the capabilities and quality of chatbots.

So, whilst some early chatbots only served to annoy customers when they couldn’t provide the answers they needed, there has been a lot of progress since then. With chatbots able to field many of the most questions, this frees up the time it would take for an employee to have a telephone conversation or respond to an email to answer that question. If you are getting 100+ enquiries each week, that stacks up to a lot of time saved.

Email marketing

With email marketing, there are lots of time-consuming tasks that can be completed quickly and easily through automation software. For example, if someone signs up to receive a newsletter on your website, the contact will be added to your email list and when it comes to sending the newsletter out, it will go out to them. There are numerous different workflows that you can set up within email marketing automation software that will improve your email marketing strategy. If you have not yet explored the full possibilities of what marketing automation can do for your business, give us a call, so we can talk through some suitable options.